Feature Highlights


Simple bio-sensing from almost anywhere on the body.

No more sensor-wire spaghetti. Small, light-weight and uniquely designed hardware lets you wear EmotiBit in any orientation and stream data from nearly anywhere on the body.

Easy to Use

Strap on the EmotiBit and start streaming data.

Strap on and stream high-value physiological and movement data directly to your computer, phone, SD card, or any software platform you want.

100% User-Owned Data

No more concerns about
data privacy.

Transparent data collection and processing protects user data and enables scientific peer-review without hidden proprietary data manipulation.


Easily customize to any project needs.

Arduino compatible. Easily use multiple EmotiBits together or combine with additional sensor systems and devices in the Adafruit Feather ecosystem.

16+ Data Streams

Emotional insights from scientifically-validated raw data.

High-value and scientifically validated data from 16+ sensor streams can be wirelessly transmitted or written locally on SD cards to ensure the highest data integrity.

Flexible Connectivity

Stream data anywhere; control anything.

Stream data wirelessly over any Adafruit Feather-enabled protocol (WiFI, Bluetooth, LoRA, etc) to innumerable software platforms.

Strap & Go Case

Want to use EmotiBit in extreme sports, education or medical research?

The EmotiBit strap-and-go case designed in the Paquette lab at UQAC adds protection while still allowing you to sense physiological data from nearly anywhere on the body.

Want more flexibility?

Download open-source 3D case designs and customize them to your specific needs.