Emotion Insights Made Easy

1 Stack

Stack EmotiBit with any Adafruit Feather module, insert an SD card, and plug in a battery.

2 Sense

Place EmotiBit almost anywhere on the body and launch the visualizer to start viewing physiological data.

3 Stream

Save data to an SD card, stream anywhere via LSL, OSC, TCP, etc, or open up the code and do anything you want!

Projects Using EmotiBit

Bringing EmotiBit into the Classroom

Working with the NYU BrainWaves program, EmotiBit helps provide immediate feedback to students about how cognitive and neural processes change our physiology on a moment by moment basis.

Heartbeats on Your Sleeve

Wearing your heart on your sleeve! A work-in-progress demo from a maker plugging EmotiBit into the CharliePlex Adafruit FeatherWing to display heartbeat data as a digital decoration on his sleeve.

UQAC Risk Taking Research

In collaboration with the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, snowboarders outfitted with EmotiBit push their bodies and minds to the limits in a study to understand the physiology of risk-taking behavior.

Left Footprints - Interactive Art

As part of the New York Electronic Art Festival and New York Hall of Science residency program, LoVid’s trans-disciplinary art installation streams biometric data from the EmotiBit to live-deconstruct an immersive audio-visual experience.

NYU Cognitive Neuroscience Research

Researchers in the Poeppel lab are using EmotiBit to understand how multiple people synchronize their physiological and emotional responses during interpersonal communication.

Quantifying a Day with EmotiBit

Parsons School of Design student and EmotiBit beta-user began logging her physical and psycho-emotional changes throughout the day. With the simple data labeling feature built into the EmotiBit app, she has begun using data science and machine learning to discover patterns.