EmotiBit Team

EmotiBit is being developed by the engineers and designers at Connected Future Labs that have over 25 years combined experience sensing signals from the body and developing algorithms to make sense out of those signals.

Sean Montgomery Ph.D., Founder

Bio-sensing expert, engineer, educator, and new-media artist

The founder of EmotiBit finished his Ph.D. in neuroscience in 2009 and has since led the development of numerous wearable and bio-sensing products including the connected jewelry at Ringly, as well as the Truth Wristband, Heart-felt Shirt, and Thinking Cap.


In addition to our core engineering team, we’ve partnered with leaders in the scientific and art communities from around the world to create a scientifically validated sensor platform that is truly plug & play for a wide range of applications.

Suzanne Dikker Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist (NYU Psychology)
New Media Artist

Prof. Linda Paquette

Professor of Psychology studying risk-taking behavior at the University of Quebec Chicoutimi

LoVid Studio

Tali Hinkis & Kyle Lapidus are a new-media artist duo in New York

Prof. Ghyslain Gagnon

Prof. Ghyslain Gagnon Director of LaCIME Lab Microelectronics and ML ÉTS Montreal